“I like to believe that my paintings reach distant places and people who have never seen Mediterranean light.  It is a lovely idea that my paintings might allow them to experience the luminosity of this part of the world.  “  - Royo

Ramon Vilanova

“It inspires in me a vital need to express my feelings through painting.  Spread out on the palette, the colors prepare themselves to give birth to emotions on the white canvas.  The word is silent, passionately contemplating the landscape.  A palpitation that comes from nothing, enmeshed with yesterday, today and tomorrow.  That way it keeps on growing, like a blessing, a pentagram of colors, full of emotions.”  - Ramon Vilanova

Jeong-Choon Yun

The Yuns have created, in their works, a unique alchemy of ancient Asian techniques and more modern Western imagery, specifically abstraction. Their “paintings” are made in the traditional method of Hanji, Korean paper-making, which they utilize in both time-honored and non-traditional ways. 
 They have explained that their creations are timeless and extraordinarily durable. Examples of Hanji dating back to the Sixth Century have been excavated in wonderful condition. They are indeed “paper tapestries”.

Josef Domenech

“ I always try to go deeply into myself, searching for the equilibrium, the simplicity – to show just the basic element. I express myself through objects, elements, figures, different situations, feelings, balance, meditation and self-reflection. I want to express peace and quietness, and for this, when I began painting, I painted the female form and femininity.”  - Josep Domenech

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